Give your loved ones a voucher for a stay in the mountains with a special 10% discount.


Choose the value of the voucher, which the recipient can then use for any of our hotel services.

voucher value CZK 1 000 - you pay CZK 900

voucher value CZK 2 000 - you pay CZK 1 800

voucher value CZK 3 000 - you pay CZK 2 700

voucher value CZK 5 000 - you pay CZK 4 500

případně jakákoliv další hodnota voucheru dle Vaší potřeby s platbou poníženou o 10%


You can also buy vouchers into our restaurant, but the 10% discount does not apply to them.

Accommodation vouchers and restaurant vouchers can't be combined.

Voucher validity: 1 year from date of a purchase.


You can order vouchers at the address: info,sumavainn,cz or by phone +420 777 671 056 (Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4 PM).


Vouchers paid by 17/12/2022 are sent by post.

Vouchers paid after 17/12/2022 are only sent in electronic form.